Bend Testing

Bend Testing

The integrity of your material is important to us at SGS MSi. We provide expert services for your welding certification needs. Our weld engineers follow your specification’s requirements for bend testing certification to verify after welding, if the material ductility meets specification requirements.

After bending we can visually inspect for discontinuities which open up during bend testing. These indications may not be apparent till the material is put under load and inspected for discontinuities. The three-point bend system is accepted and used throughout industry to perform bend tests. Our weld engineers are proficient in the weld codes, such as ASME, ASM and API. We specialize in reviewing your specifications to meet your process needs.

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Weld Bend Certification

Bend Test Methods & Specifications

The following is a listing of specifications that are in accordance with our A2LA and ISO accreditation.

  • ASTM A370 Sec. 15
  • ASTM E290 Guided Bend, Semi-Guided Bend
  • AWS B4.0 (Part A)

Our machine shop can extract specimens from all material forms (Plate, bar, castings and forgings).

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