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Metallurgical Lab Case Studies

Metallurgical Failure Analysis

Metallurgy Failure Analysis

Metallurgy failure analysis of stainless steel belts in food manufacturing application.
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Failure Analysis Lab

Case study to identify material defects within a cast iron cylinder head performed by SGS MSi.
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Failure Analysis Service

A small surface indication as determined by failure analysis service performed by SGS MSi.
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Failure Analysis Laboratories

Not all failure analysis laboratories are the same - SGS MSi's engineers solve a drag chain failure investigation.
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Failure Analysis Testing

Failure analysis testing performed by MSi Testing & Engineering on two ductile iron brake heads did not identify any evidence of detrimental material conditions contributing to the component fractures.
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Metallurgical Testing Laboratory

Advanced Lab for Metal Testing and Failure Analysis
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SEM/EDS Analysis

SEM/EDS analysis of residue on encoder photodiode chip.
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Weld Testing

Weld Defect Testing

Weld testing defect Analysis of circumferential groove weld.
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Weld Testing Laboratory

MSi's Weld Testing Laboratory conducts a variety of tests such as Charpy V-Notch Impact testing, Vickers Microhardness Testing and Weld Ferrite determination to provide clients with the best possible conclusion to product malfunctions.
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Metallographic Examination

Acid Etch Examination

Acid etch exam of forged alloy steel for exiting grain flow
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ASTM E112 Grain Size Exam

Grain size examination of inconel X750 foil sample - Annealed Condition.
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Casting Failure Investigation

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Titanium Grain Size Examination

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Gas Porosity Examination

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Salt Spray Tests

Salt Spray Corrosion Testing

Salt spray corrosion testing of plated hand tools
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Corrosion Testing

Corrosion Failure

Microbiological induced corrosion failure investigation peformed by MSi on a welded stainless steel vessel.
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Metal Corrosion Testing

Stress corrosion identifed from steam impingement in metal corrosion testing analysis performed at MSi Testing & Engineering.
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Metal Analysis

Metal Spectroscopy Analysis

Spectro analysis of an aluminum fitting for chemical composition.
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Product Safety Testing

Consumer Product Safety Testing

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