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SGS Ludwig has provided expert materials and welding consultation and testing services since 1978. We offer accredited chemical analysis, mechanical testing, metallurgical services, and engineering services for industrial applications, specializing in pipeline, heavy equipment, pressure vessel, and welding maintenance and repair engineered solutions. In addition, we offer CWB welder certification services and welder performance testing. Our services include:

  • Welding consulting services. SGS’s experienced staff has the expertise to assist you in managing your welding project. With experience in CSA, AWS, API, and ASME codes, our staff provides a full suite of services, including evaluation of your technology, procedures, adherence to codes and standards, test requirement development, test supervision, and welder performance testing. In addition, we offer expert hot tap welding procedure development services.
  • Welder performance testing. Make sure that your construction staff has the welding certifications needed for your construction projects. SGS offers welder performance testing to ensure that your welders are qualified and certified to industry requirements. We maintain ABSA Certificates of Authorization and offer CWB Welder Certifications for your team. Our facilities are fully equipped with state-of-the-art welding machines and our machine shop will prepare the coupons required for the testing.
  • Failure analysis. SGS’s failure analysis lab offers professional engineering analysis of your machinery or equipment to investigate the causes of failure. We specialize in heavy equipment, pipeline and pressure vessel material analysis. We provide easy-to-read annotated and thoroughly documented reports, and each report is characterized by accessible language and definitive conclusions.
  • Mechanical testing. SGS’s mechanical testing lab offers ISO 17025 accredited examinations for tensile testing, Charpy impact testing, hardness testing, tensile testing, bend testing, and nick break.
  • Metallurgical services. SGS’s metallurgical testing services include case depth, microstructure analysis, duplex stainless phase balance, and grain size exam. Results from each test result in data-rich reports that include clear descriptions of the test results.
  • Chemical analysis. Base metal analysis is available for materials including carbon steel, alloy steel, chrome/moly steel, stainless steel, microalloyed steels and an assortment of nickel alloys.
  • Engineering services. SGS’s professional engineering service offering focus on: failure analysis, engineering critical assessment, fitness for purpose evaluation, welding engineering, and development of custom mechanical testing programs.
  • Fracture mechanics testing. SGS’s services include CTOD and J-R on SENB, SENT, and CT specimen geometries customized to suit your engineering needs.
  • Strain Gauge Stress Analysis. SGS will assist in acquiring accurate stress data for design load verification.

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