Fastener Testing Services

SGS MSi Testing has earned a national reputation for accurate, comprehensive failure analysis, metallurgical testing and third-party testing. Our engineering staff has experience across industry and understands how critical fasteners are to the safe operation of virtually all machinery and equipment, furniture and construction. Our metallurgical and failure analysis and mechanical testing services allow you to validate the composition of your materials and identify the causes of fastener failure. Most of our services can be performed within 3-4 business days.

Available Testing Services for Fasteners

Our services include:

  • Metallurgical Testing Services – Our metallurgical and chemical testing services include case depth, microstructure analysis, microhardness, grain size exam, plating thickness and PPAP testing. Our fully equipped labs allow us to perform our testing quickly and accurately and get you the results you need when you need them. We provide certified reports detailing traceable and repeatable documentation showing the testing performed and the data obtained.
  • Mechanical Testing – SGS MSi offers specialized mechanical testing for fasteners, including proof load, wedge tensile, and axial tensile. We have the capabilities to test machined specimens or full-sized products. Our labs are equipped to test externally and internally threaded fasteners, washers, direct tension indicators, and rivets.
  • Failure Analysis – We perform failure analysis on fasteners to determine the cause of product failure caused by corrosion, overload, fatigue, and other mechanisms. Our failure analysis specifications include ASTM F606/F606-M, ASTM B117, SAE J78, SAE J81, SAE J423, SAE J429, and SAE J1199.
  • Engineering Services - We offer product claim analysis, third-party testing, specifications review and reverse engineering.

SGS MSi’s testing services meet the standards required to meet ASTM, ISO, and SAE fastener specifications and PPAP testing requirements. Our certified reports present our conclusions using annotated photographs and easy-to-understand language. We provide suggestions to prevent future failures while reducing manufacturing costs.

To schedule fastener mechanical testing, failure analysis, or inquire about expedited turnarounds for your fastener analysis, call SGS MSi at 708.343.3444. You may also fill out our brief online form today, and we will be in touch promptly.

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