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Montreal, QC, Canada, H1X 1W6
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SGS Montreal laboratory offers comprehensive testing services, specializing in mechanical, hardness, chemical and metallographic testing, and a large array of non-destructive testing. Our scope of service includes failure analysis, corrosion investigation and evaluation, material selection, engineering and expert witness services. We deliver customized testing and reporting services with fast turnaround times. Our services include:

  • Failure analysis and Engineering services. SGS failure analysis lab is staffed with 3 experienced and credentialed engineers with the industry and material knowledge needed to evaluate and analysis your part and material. We provide easy-to-read annotated and thoroughly documented reports, and each report is characterized by accessible language and definitive conclusions. Our engineers also provide expert witness services. SGS professional engineers have industry-specific training and experience and are available to provide investigations and analysis for product claims, third-party testing, problem solving and consultation, specification reviews and reverse engineering.
  • Mechanical testing. With over 20 years of experience, SGS mechanical testing lab provides two major types of accredited tests: tensile testing and Charpy V-notch impact testing. Non accredited testing include: bend testing, hardness testing, and welded assembly testing (welder qualification and welding procedure).
  • Welding consulting services. SGS’s experienced staff has the expertise to assist you in managing your welding project. With experience in CSA, AWS, API, and ASME codes, our staff provides a full suite of services, including evaluation of your technology, procedures, adherence to codes and standards, test requirement development, test supervision, and welder performance testing.
  • Metallurgical testing services. SGS metallurgical testing services include case depth, microstructure analysis, microhardness, grain size exam, and plating thickness. Our fully equipped labs allow us to perform our testing quickly and accurately and get you the results you need when you need them. We provide certified reports detailing traceable and repeatable documentation showing the testing performed and the data obtained. Each process results in data-rich reports that include clear descriptions of repeatable material examinations.
  • Corrosion testing and surface engineering services. SGS engineering department offers full identification and analysis of corrosion, its causes, the extent of corrosion damage, and determination of the residual service life of the corroded component. Our expert engineering staff, NACE certified, provides assistance with the selection of surface treatments and coating materials to prevent corrosion and provide high performance for wear applications. Our services include the development of corrosion protocols and performance evaluation testing, as well as material selection for a given application.
  • Non-destructive testing. When parts to be tested cannot be cut or otherwise destroyed for testing purposes, non-destructive examination is the best option for quality control. At SGS we offer laboratory non-destructive testing performed by experienced technical staff: x-ray examination (standard and digital), magnetic particle examination, eddy-current examination, ultrasonic testing, and liquid penetrant examination.
  • In-situ testing and evaluation. At SGS we bring the laboratory to the problem and not the problem to the laboratory. Our metallurgists and technical staff are prepared to travel to your site at any time for: in-situ metallographic replication and evaluation using a portable optical microscope, in-situ microscopic fracture analysis and corrosion damage assessment, hardness testing, thickness measurements.

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