Steel Metallurgical Testing

SGS MSi is a nationally-recognized testing laboratory specializing in metallurgical testing, product claim testing and failure analysis for the steel manufacturing industry. Our team has experience in the steel industry, making SGS MSi’s laboratory uniquely qualified to provide you with the testing, analysis and certifications you need for your steel and steel alloy products. We are proud of our reputation for quality and high customer service for all our customers.

Available Testing Services for Steel Products

At SGS MSi, we provide:

  • Metallurgical Testing Services – Our test laboratory is A2LA and ISO 17025 accredited. We offer metallurgical and chemical testing services to provide analysis to meet the most demanding requirements. Our fully equipped labs allow us to perform our testing quickly and accurately and get you the results you need when you need them. We provide certified reports detailing traceable and repeatable documentation showing the testing performed and the data obtained.
  • Product Claims and Third Party Testing – We offer confidential, unbiased evaluation of materials and products to help resolve any materials or product claims. Whether you are investigating an internal claim or a customer return, our lab is equipped to perform complete metallurgical, chemical and mechanical testing to identify the issue and root cause of the problem.
  • Failure Analysis – SGS MSi’s experienced laboratory staff performs fracture analysis and corrosion analysis to determine the cause of the material failure and present insights in how to prevent future failures.

All of our comprehensive reports are presented in clear, easy-to-understand language, without complex terminology. Starting with a summary conclusion of our findings, we provide detailed support for our findings and, if appropriate, insights into how to prevent any issues in the future. Materials analysis reports include the information necessary for you to meet necessary ISO, ASTM and SAE specifications.

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