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About SGS Ludwig

We are committed to helping you achieve success with your construction and maintenance projects.

Our laboratories in Calgary and Edmonton provide materials and fracture mechanics testing, welding engineering and procedure qualification, welder performance testing and quality control manual development services.

Over the past four decades, we’ve worked across numerous industries, however we’ve had the most success providing solutions to Canada’s energy sector. Whether it’s oil sand producers, oil & gas operators, or a specific pipeline or maintenance projects, we offer a comprehensive package of services and have worked several successful multi-month contracts with major operators, contractors and Canadian businesses.

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Quality forms a core foundation of the SGS Ludwig laboratories, and permeates through everything we do. This foundation ensures we follow sound scientific and professional engineering practices as well as good business practices when dealing with clients, vendors, and regulatory bodies. Our entire company, from our laboratory staff to our support staff, must know and adhere to established quality practices. We are accredited ISO 17025, ISO 9001 and hold the following certifications.

Our Team

SGS Ludwig Offices and Laboratory:

4027 14 Street SE

T: +1 403 262 7072

Darren McLean, P.Tech.(Eng.)

Operations Manager,
Welding Services

Darren graduated from SAIT with a Diploma in Welding Engineering Technology and had experience as a Journeyman/B Pressure welder before joining Ludwig Associates (now SGS) in 2012. Since joining SGS Darren has held Lead and Supervisor roles within the organization prior to being promoted to Operations Manager. He also gained 2 years of experience working for a large construction company as a Welding Specialist during this time. Darren pursues to provide the highest standard of welding consulting to our clients by fostering a positive work environment and maturing an exceptional team at SGS with a client focused mind-set.


  • Professional Technologist (ASET)
  • CSA W178.2 Level 3 Welding Inspector
  • ABSA Welding Examiner
  • ABSA B Pressure Welder / Red Seal Journeyman Welder

SGS Ludwig Offices and Laboratory:

7925 Davies Road

T: +1 780 468 3030

Eric Dacyk, C.E.T.

Operations Manager,
Testing Services

Eric graduated from NAIT with a Diploma in Materials Engineering Technology, he joined SGS immediately after his schooling which now accounts to over 15 years of experience in metallurgical testing. His tenure started as a laborer in the machine shop, where he progressed into the laboratory, into a lab supervisor role including quality and production, before stepping into the Operations Manager. Eric’s mission is to provide accurate, timely results.


  • Certified Engineering Technologist (ASET)
  • ANAB ISO 17025 Lead Auditor

Paul Robanske, C.E.T.

Welding Services Supervisor (Calgary)

Paul is a seasoned Welding Engineering Technologist with a diverse background in the oil and gas industry. He holds a Welding Engineering Technologist diploma from SAIT and is a certified Journeyman Red Seal B-Pressure Welder.

As a former Quality Control Manager/Lead on major projects, he specializes in SAGD oilfield projects and high-temperature steam pipeline installations.

Since joining SGS in 2022, Paul focuses on delivering tailored solutions to clients’ welding challenges. He excels in problem-solving, welding, inspection, and quality control. Drawing from his extensive industry experience, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge to his current role at SGS. He focuses on delivering innovative solutions to clients’ technical welding challenges. Paul is an active committee member for local welding association chapters and other technical committees, demonstrating his commitment to advancing the industry.


  • Certified Engineering Technologist (ASET)
  • CSA W178.2 Level 3 Welding Inspector
  • API 510 / 570 / 577 / 1169 certifications
  • ABSA Welding Examiner ABSA B Pressure Welder / Red Seal Journeyman Welder

Tong Xu, C.E.T.

Laboratory Supervisor (Edmonton)

Tong graduated from NAIT with a Diploma in Materials Engineering Technology He joined SGS after his schooling which account to 10 years of testing experiece. His tenure started as a junior materials technologist, where he progressed into the laboratory supervisor role including testing, scheduling, and reporting. Tong’s mission is to provide accurate, timely results.


  • Certified Engineering Technologist (ASET)

Simon Kirkland, C.E.T., P.Eng.

Senior Welding Engineer

Simon graduated from SAIT with a Diploma in Welding Engineering Technology and also from the University of Calgary with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering. After graduating from SAIT Simon worked in the Ludwig Associates (now SGS) metallurgical laboratory for 3 years. After his 3 years  at Ludwig Associates Simon gained 17 years of progressive experience in Quality Management and Welding Engineering for major industrial and pipeline projects in Western Canada including Subject Matter Expert on some of the most technically challenging pipeline projects in Western Canada. Since re-joining SGS in 2023 Simon holds the Senior Welding Engineer role within the organization. Simon is driven to provide our clients with industry leading technical consulting in the areas of welding design and engineering critical assessment of metallic structures.


  • Certified Engineering Technologist (ASET)
  • Professional Engineer (APEGA and EGBC)
  • CSA W47.1 / W47.2 Certified Welding Engineer  (CWB)
  • CSA W178.2 Level 3 Welding Inspector
  • ABSA Welding Examiner

Jide Lawal, C.E.T., M.Eng.

Laboratory Supervisor

Jide had background in mechanical engineering and material science. In addition to foreign degree in mechanical engineering, He graduated from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology with a diploma in materials engineering technology in 2011 and from the University of Saskatchewan with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering (material science option) in 2016. Before joining SGS in 2019, Jide had worked for Clearstream Wear Technologies (Edmonton) and Acuren Group Inc. (Edmonton) for almost four years as materials engineering technologist. Jide is passionate in giving the clients the best satisfactory experience.


  • Certified Engineering Technologist (ASET)
  • ANAB ISO 17025 Lead Auditor

Timothy Colpitts, C.E.T., I.W.T.

Welding Services Supervisor – Edmonton

Timothy graduated from the University of Guelph with a diploma in Industrial Fabrication and Welding. Next, he enrolled at Northern College where he received diplomas for both Welding Engineering Technician and Welding Engineering Technology.

Timothy first worked with SGS as a co-op student in 2013 while attending Northern College. During this time, he gained valuable experience in the metallurgical lab. After graduating from northern College in 2014 Timothy joined SGS in the Calgary office as a full time Welding Engineering Technologist. Since joining SGS he has been a valued member of our team providing clients with his dedication and high quality of work.

Timothy transferred to the SGS Edmonton office in 2021 after being promoted to the Welding Services Supervisor. The Supervisor role has allowed him to share his years of welding consulting experience (including ISO and EU projects) with our Edmonton area clients. Tim has bolstered SGS’s position in the Edmonton region by focusing on growth and developing a strong, collaborative team.


  • Certified Engineering Technologist (ASET)
  • International Welding Technologist (IIW)
  • CSA W178.2 Level 3 Welding Inspector
  • CSA W178.1 Welding Inspection Supervisor
  • ABSA Welding Examiner

Peter Schamuhn Kirk, MASc, P. Eng

Engineering Supervisor

Peter Schamuhn Kirk is a senior materials engineer based in Edmonton. He has over 15 years experience with fracture mechanics testing and metallurgical failure analysis. Prior to joining SGS (formerly Ludwig Associates Engineering Ltd.), he completed a B.Sc.(Eng.) in Engineering Physics at Queen’s University and a M.A.Sc. in Materials Science at the University of Toronto, and worked in industry with wear-resistant weld overlays.


  • Professional Engineer (APEGA)

Our History

1978: Inception

Ludwig’s Welding Consulting was founded by Wayne Ludwig. Initially specializing in welding procedure development and quality management systems, the company began its journey with a commitment to excellence in the field of welding. At this time Ludwig’s did not have their own lab and was completing mechanical testing at SAIT through a mutual collaboration.

1983: Growth and Expansion in Calgary

As the demand for its services grew, Ludwig’s Welding Consulting relocated to its current office in Calgary. This move facilitated the establishment of a fully equipped lab and machine shop, enabling the company to expand its offerings. During this time, the welder performance test center was established, marking a significant milestone in the company’s evolution.

1986: Introduction of Inspection Services

The addition of Frank Langenecker to the team brought expertise in establishing third-party inspection services and further growing the quality management system service line. This bolstered the company’s capabilities and contributed to its growth trajectory. Although the third-party inspection service was later disbanded this facilitated growth within the industry.

1988: Expansion to Edmonton

Ludwig’s Welding Consulting expanded its presence by opening an office in Edmonton. Despite facing challenges such as a fire incident in 1995 that necessitated relocation, the company remained resilient in its pursuit of excellence and growth.

1990: Facility Expansion in Calgary

To accommodate its growing operations, Ludwig’s Welding Consulting expanded its Calgary building, adding square footage for an enhanced welder performance test center.

1993: Introduction of Engineering Services

The establishment of the engineering department marked a new chapter in the company’s history. Led by Rory Belanger in the Edmonton office, the engineering services further diversified Ludwig’s offerings, positioning it as a comprehensive solution provider in the industry.

1994: Transition to Ludwig & Associates

Wayne Ludwig passes on shares of the business to junior partners Frank Langenecker, Ron Peters, Stephen Rieberger, and Rory Belanger, officially renaming the company Ludwig & Associates.

1995: Relocation within Edmonton

Following a fire incident at the first Edmonton location, Ludwig & Associates purchased another building where they are still located at present date, reaffirming its commitment to serving clients in the Edmonton region.

2002: Change in Ownership

Wayne Ludwig sells the business to the junior partners, marking a significant transition as the company officially became Ludwig Associates. This period also saw the introduction of fracture mechanics testing, further enhancing the company’s technical capabilities.

2003 – 2010: Focus on Growth

Ludwig Associates grows to become the industry leader in Western Canada for welding consulting, engineering, materials testing, quality manuals, and welder performance qualification testing by focusing on customer satisfaction and innovation.

2011: Collaboration and Innovation

Ludwig Associates collaborated on new single edge notch tension (SENT) procedures, showcasing its dedication to innovation, and advancing industry standards.

2012: Acquisition by SGS

Ludwig Associates was acquired by SGS, a global leader in inspection, verification, testing, and certification services, opening new avenues for growth and collaboration.

2015: Introduction of CWB Services

Under SGS ownership, the company introduced W47.1 Retained engineering services and began CWB welder performance testing, expanding its service portfolio to better serve its clients.

2020 to 2022: Milestone Project Completion

SGS completed the largest project in the company’s 42-year history, involving a major pipeline replacement project to the requirements of CSA Z662 Annex K. This project included welding procedure development and fracture mechanics testing (CTOD), highlighting the company’s expertise and capabilities on a grand scale.

2023: Innovation in Testing Equipment

SGS launched rotary impact testing equipment and commissioned it for use, further strengthening its position as an industry leader in testing and inspection services.

2024 and Beyond:

As SGS-Ludwig continues to evolve and innovate, it remains committed to delivering exceptional quality and service to its clients, shaping the future of the industry.