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Engineering Services

Unrivalled Materials Engineering Services from an Industry Leader

Our expert team of materials engineers, welding consultants and metallurgists work closely to deliver you a comprehensive package of engineering services. Whether it’s providing solutions in the initial design and fabrication stage or investigating root cause failure analysis, SGS Ludwig is here to help you successfully navigate the materials engineering process.

Engineering – Metallurgical Materials Services

We provide you the tools, personnel, and data you need to make informed decisions and can help you:

  • Analyze corrosion and mechanical failures
  • Recommend materials selection
  • Evaluate fitness for service
  • Assess pipeline flaws, leaks and failures

Services include:

Why choose SGS Ludwig?

When it comes to evaluating materials, analyzing failures and assessing component and equipment damage, you need expert support. Our materials and welding engineering services provide the tools, personnel and data you need to make informed decisions on welding and materials engineering.

Whether you are designing, manufacturing, evaluating or maintaining material, specialized welding engineering is vital. From engineered procedures or analytical solutions to technical problems, we offer a wide range of engineering services to meet your needs.

  • Perform strain gauge stress analysis.
  • Conduct component proof testing (hydrostatic pressure test or axial / bending load tests)
  • Perform fracture mechanics testing (elastic, elastic-plastic, and fully plastic)
  • Develop custom and innovative mechanical testing
  • Develop and perform Fatigue testing (Low/Elevated Temperatures)
  • Conduct SEM and EDX analysis

To find out how our materials and welding engineering services can help you achieve success in your projects, contact us today.

In-house Scanning Electron Microscope w/XRF
  • Pipeline weld fabrication and test procedures for major oil and gas operators
  • Weld fabrication testing (high temp/low cycle fatigue) for major oil and gas operators
  • Component proof testing
  • Fracture mechanics testing including elastic, elastic-plastic, and fully plastic methods
  • Fatigue testing and performance evaluations
  • Custom mechanical testing scenarios
  • Fabrication and repair of structures
  • Pressure vessel and piping repair
  • Evaluation, selection, and recommendation of welding processes, procedures and filler metals