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“SGS is one of our most reliable vendors. They have excellent customer service,  fast turn-around and fair prices. Their engineers are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone at SGS communicates efficiently and effectively. It is truly a pleasure to do business with them!”

Titanium Industries, Inc., Jacksonville, FL

“The test facility we used prior to SGS did very nice work for us. However, lead times got longer and costs began to rise.  I checked with SGS to see what they could do for us and gave them examples of the testing we needed. Their response was quick and they knew exactly what needed to be done. I provided sample tests to our customers and they had no hesitation with using SGS. Lead times have been consistent and we believe cost has been fair to both parties. Overall we couldn’t be happier with the work SGS does for us. I wish I had more suppliers this easy to work with!”

Dean Bredeken, Commodity Specialist, rms Company

SGS has helped us improve efficiency by consistently meeting our tight deadlines while providing quality results. The customer service team is fantastic and always willing to adapt to our needs.

Spincraft Engineering Technologies