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Engineering Services

Engineering Services from SGS MSi

The metallurgical experts at SGS MSi focus on strong relationships with our customers. It is our goal to provide a full-service laboratory capable of responding to the needs of our clients. 

Problem Solving Consulting

Product Claims

Reverse Engineering

Specification Review

Third Party Testing

Industry-specific engineers at our facility offer a wide range of knowledge in the requirements for product claimsthird-party testing, report and specification review and problem-solving on material requirements. SGS MSi is host to many metallurgical analysts and experts that require the inspection house services we provide on a regular basis. Product Claims from the steel and manufacturing industry provide a definitive answer to products integrity. Reverse engineering is used to develop products toward greater efficiency or replication of a current material.

Often our professional engineering services are called upon to referee a report from another laboratory or engineering opinion. We can review all documentation and specifications to ensure the testing and information you receive is in accordance with your requirements. SGS MSi employs the largest engineering staff in the Midwest. Our professional staff is trained and focused toward a positive customer experience.

We offer a reporting structure tailored to our clients’ needs. A brief email report is sometimes all that is necessary, or some clients prefer a Go To Meeting conference to discuss a detailed report with multiple contacts. Contact us today to learn more about our engineering services.