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Materials Tested

Cast Iron Chemical Anlaysis

Experts in providing full-service chemical analysis of cast iron samples. 

Cast iron is a ferrous alloy containing varying ratios of iron, carbon, silicon, and other trace elements. Because of their castability, machinability and wear resistance, cast irons are used as engineering materials for a range of applications. At SGS MSi, we provide full-service chemical analysis of cast iron samples. Identifying inorganic elements and verifying composition, we use accredited chemical analysis techniques to assist you with material characterization, problem solving and quality control management.

Depending upon its unique composition, cast iron is commonly used for:

  • Brake shoes
  • Pump impellers
  • Gears & flywheels
  • Engine cylinders
  • Railroad & agricultural equipment
  • Automotive crankshafts
  • Pipes & machines

Cast-iron grill

Cast Iron Testing Services

SGS MSi provides analysis of cast iron for white cast irons, grey cast irons, malleable cast irons, nodular (ductile) cast irons, and other alloy types. Our array of industry partners includes automotive, marine, foundry, construction and agricultural, among others. Adhering to ASTM and other sought-after standards, we meet your most rigorous project specifications. Our metallurgical laboratory uses state-of-the-art testing equipment, pneumatic air tubes, and bar code systems to track your sample and record results.

Analysis of cast iron and chemical testing capabilities include:

  • OES Spectroscopy
  • ICP Metal Analysis
  • Leco Analysis (carbon, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen)
  • XRF Analysis
  • Microwave Digestion
  • Re-melt Capability
  • Alloy Verification & Identification
  • Positive Material I.D.
  • Product Safety Testing

Prioritizing your budget and project requirements, our degreed engineers and chemists recommend testing protocols that will cost-effectively achieve your goals. Our client-focused service model has been refined over 30+ years of experience, and clients enjoy expedited turnarounds and attentive customer service. To request chemical analysis of cast iron, inquire about mechanical and corrosion testing,

Contact us today to learn more about our metallurgical testing services.