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Chemical Analysis

SGS MSi’s team can perform your metal analysis needs to help if your inventory is suspected of being mixed

Positive Material Identification can save you time and money. SGS MSi’s team can perform your metal analysis needs to help if your inventory is suspected of being mixed. Common signs of a material mix are bars or components that differ in color, size or when assembling of components that do not fit or assemble properly. As one of the premier metal test labs in the country SGS MSi’s chemical laboratory can provide metal sorting testing by spectroscopy analysis, Rockwell hardness testing or other test methods depending on the variables of the part configuration.

PMI Testing Laboratory

SGS MSi can test for the following material types with our portable XRF analyzer for positive material identification:

The extensive testing capacity of the chemical testing laboratory at SGS MSi Testing & Engineering Inc allows any PMI positive material identification requirements to be achieved rapidly to meet all production needs. Whether by wet chemical methods (ICP metal analysis) or standard and faster spectroscopy analysis SGS MSi has all of the required testing expertise to provide rapid determination of any metal sorting situations. SGS MSi even employs a portable XRF analyzer that is the fastest positive material identification test method available.

When material sorting has required the need for a rapid response, it is critical to choose the right metal testing laboratory. SGS MSi’s staffs of eight graduate metallurgical engineers are all available to help to discuss your project requirements. Many times parts involved in a positive material identification situation could be scrapped and re-manufactured but delivery requirements dictate immediate sorting to meet contract deadlines. If shipping parts to a laboratory is too slow to meet a particular deadline SGS MSi’s portable XRF analyzer can be brought on site to provide the fastest sorting available. It is also a very fast test method supporting a rapid resolution of a potentially mixed production inventory.

As a nationally recognized leader in metal testing and analysis, our staff of eight graduate metallurgical engineers have all been involved in mixed material situations. The SGS MSi engineering staff understands the stress the client is under having been in similar situations themselves during their previous industrial careers. It is important that the client understands all of the options that are involved and it is the engineer acting almost as a psychologist to calm the client during a very stressful time. The ultimate goal of the sort is the positive determination of separating two different populations within a production lot.