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Failure Analysis

Corrosion Analysis

Corrosion has been defined in many ways, including “Destruction of metal by chemical or electrochemical reaction with environment” and “Destruction of materials by means other than straight mechanical”.  This process affects virtually every industry, causing significant and continual loss in revenue, equipment, and resources.

At SGS MSi, we perform corrosion failure analyses of components and parts from a broad range of industries (food, chemical, transportation, agriculture, power, medical, airspace, military, and electronics, to name a few).  Evaluations of failed parts include identification of corrosion mechanisms, such as general, aqueous, gas, pitting, crevice, steam, stress-corrosion cracking (SCC), microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), fretting, erosion-corrosion, galvanic, concentration-cell, cavitation, etc.

A detailed engineering report will identify the responsible corrosive agents, the mode of failures, and suggest corrective measures and alternative materials based on the findings.

Why use SGS MSi for metallurgical corrosion analysis?

  • 40+ On-site employees
  • Photographic Department
  • Clemex Image Analysis System
  • Clemex Stereoscopic Software
  • Clemex Microhardness Testing System
  • Bar Code Scanning in all Departments
  • Air Tubes To Move Samples and Test Data
  • 10,000 sq. ft. machine shop
  • Metallurgical Laboratory
  • Mechanical Testing Department
  • Chemical Laboratory – OES & ICP
  • 3 Truck Level Docks
  • Heat Treating Department
Fracture of tensile test coupon

Industry Experience

At SGS MSi, we perform corrosion failure analyses of components and parts from a broad range of industries.

  • Food
  • Chemical
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Power
  • Medical
  • Airspace
  • Military
  • Electronics

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) Testing

A leader in chemical and biological corrosion analysis for all types of metal and alloys, SGS MSi boasts the largest metallurgical engineering team in the country. Reputed for our expertise in microbial corrosion analysis, we provide expedited laboratory turnarounds at competitive pricing. Providing MIC analysis that delivers cost savings and peace of mind, SGS MSi guarantees client satisfaction at every project phase.

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