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Mechanical Testing

Heat treating is a process used to change the structure and composition of a material.

SGS MSi uses heat treatment to alter the material metallurgically in order to observe and test its characteristics.

The process of heat treatment involves the raising of a material’s temperature to a specific point that allows a change in the material to occur. When this level is reached, the material is cooled in a specified manner. Examples of these methods are oil, air and water cooling. These cooling methods will yield several different results based on the materials specification requirements. The need for a softer or harder material can be achieved by heat treating the material and cooling it to the desired hardness. The material may need to be harder on the surface and softer in the core. This is called case hardening.

Heat treatment has a number of different techniques for changing a structure of metal. Some of these techniques are quenching (oil, water, air, bismuth). Another method is annealing, where the material is heat treated to become more workable.

Metal Heat Treating Services

SGS MSi has heat treating furnaces dedicated to the metallurgical testing processes you require. We will replicate the material treatment requirements and provide characteristics of those processes through the use of:

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