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Mechanical Testing

ASTM A255 Jominy testing is a very common test among steel mills

Clients require tests to confirm the effectiveness of the alloying elements for a specific steel grade. We also provide Jominy testing in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 642. 

The Jominy End Quench hardenability test has five operations to obtain the hardness test values for evaluation. The test stages are:

  • Normalizing
  • Machining of ASTM A255 Jominy Specimen
  • End Quenching
  • Grinding of Parallel Flats
  • Hardness Testing

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Jominy Hardness Test

Jominy Hardenability Test Method

The following is the specification that is used in accordance with our A2LA and ISO accreditation.

  • ASTM A255 Standard Test Methods for Determining Hardenability of Steel

Jominy Testing Laboratory

SGS MSi is a leader in Jominy testing utilizing two separate position testers with eleven furnaces supporting our daily production on two shifts. We provide Jominy testing to over ten different steel mills with rapid turn-around of Jominy test results. Our automated Jominy hardness tester provides both numerical and graphical output. High volume – rapid turn-around of Jominy test specimens and hardness data is one of our specialties.