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Metallurgical Services

Metallurgical Test Laboratory

Our metallurgical test lab operates with accreditation through A2LA and ISO 17025. Materials are prepared by various methods to examine the indications or structure contained within. The Clemex Digital Software incorporated with our microscope systems allows an expanded capability for digital imaging. Our metallurgical technicians have extensive expertise in preparation and examination of microstructure samples. Many of our routine microstructure evaluations are performed automatically, using our Clemex system. This increases our efficiency and productivity toward customer’s needs.

Case Depth


EDS Energy Dispersive Spectrometry

Gas Porosity Exam

Grain Size Exam

Inclusion Rating

Macroetching Examinations


Microstructure Analysis

Pipe Weld Testing

Plating Thickness

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) Testing

Salt Spray Testing

SEM Scanning Electron Microscopy

Step Bar Frequency Severity Testing

The core of our testing processes is the ability to identify and certify your material

Our customers require certified reports tested in accordance with a given specification. This certified report details traceable and repeatable documentation showing the testing performed and data obtained.

Most of our metallurgical services can be expected to be performed within 3-4 business days. Expedited testing is available and can be scheduled to meet your specific requirements. All certified reports are prepared, and then reviewed by an engineer who releases the information for emailing to our customers.

Your time is very important to our team. That is why we have instituted an on-time program with our employees. A test process time is assigned with the job when it is entered into the system. Upon entry, the clock starts ticking. Our daily goal is to always be at 100% with our turnaround schedule.

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