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Engineering Services

Our laboratory can support your needs for third-party analysis of your material claims

Our independent assessment will provide you with a confidential, unbiased evaluation for all parties involved to help identify an issue or verify existing findings, whether from an internal claim or a customer return. We have years of experience working with a broad range of industries, such as the steel mill, railroad, medical and aerospace industries.

At our facility, we have the capabilities to perform a complete metallurgical investigation to identify the nature of any material related issues and determine the root cause of the issue, such as a defect from the steelmaking, hot-rolling or cold-drawing processes. We offer microstructural, chemical and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analyses along with full mechanical testing.

A detailed engineering report will identify the cause/source of any material issues and suggest corrective measures based on these findings.

Contact us today to learn more about our engineering services.