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Engineering Services

There are numerous occasions when the Failure Analysis Laboratory is called in as a referee.

The failure analysis laboratory is required to prepare a report about the technical problem. In this report, the engineer has to state what they cannot see.

SGS MSi is proud of the fact that its in-house failure analysis laboratory has the capabilities to provide such test reports. This can help answer questions especially when the results of the test are not in favor of a particular side of the dispute. Also, the complete testing capabilities of the failure analysis laboratory come into use when the unhappy party, vendor or client has lots of questions about the validity of the tests. Answering these questions beforehand helps save time for both parties once the report has been released.

The full-range testing capabilities of SGS MSi’s failure analysis laboratory allow it to carry out a complete investigation which looks into all the areas. Finally, the client gets a document which basically speaks for itself. While providing failure analysis services, the staff is encouraged to ask questions about the tests. All the questions and answers are then presented in the final report.

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Metallurgical Failure Inspections

For the reasons given above, Expert Witness prefers working with SGS MSi’s engineering and technician staff. They fully believe that it is an unbiased site for inspection by opposing sides in a court case. At certain times, as many as five different defendants have participated in a lone Expert Witness Inspection at the SGS MSi facility.

Failed component

SGS MSi equipment also helps provide digital images of all the tests and examinations that are carried out. Hence, during a court case, both defendants and plaintiffs have the same evidence. This level of accuracy helps the legal process run smoothly. The failure analysis laboratory at SGS MSi also makes use of a Digital Scanning electron microscope.

For a third party expert witness inspection, turn to the full-range failure analysis laboratory of SGS MSi for effective failure analysis and comprehensive reports.