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Chemical Analysis

Identify the alloy and chemical composition of your steel/stainless steels, nickel, copper, titanium and aluminum materials.

The saying goes that “It is better to be safe than sorry.” This is exactly why we offer material grade verification. Identifying the grade of material is a routine service we offer our customers. Customers require confirmation of the material they are supplying, buying or selling for their industry. We provide identification of the material from standard AISI/SAE designations. Engineering verification of conformance to most specifications, i.e. ASTM, ISO, UNS, DIN, EN, Toyota, etc., can be provided upon request.

Alloy Identification Testing Services

Many times our customers have material that is an unknown grade or originated in another country. Our methods can provide assurances that you are supplying or processing the correct material. Another reason for Alloy Identification is when you have a material without mill certification. Older material that has been moved around or has lost its paperwork creates a problem for usage and sale. Our methods for unknown material are quick and accurate. We can typically get you a material certification in 2-3 business days.

Our staff’s chemists and engineers take time to verify and identify the material that is submitted for testing. This is so you, the customer, can have the utmost confidence in the results we provide to you. Our sample retention policy is 30 days. If you should require a retest or the material returned to you, we will have it on hand to provide those services.

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Sample Material