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SEM Analysis – Watch Analysis as it’s Happening, Anywhere, Anytime.

Now you can access our SEM anytime you need! You can provide a sample to us and then you can watch the analysis as it happens! We will have a microscopist running the analysis while you direct them onto the keys points that you want analyzed. Once the data is collected, we can them share that information with you via cloud sharing or we can generate a report based on the data/finding of the analysis.

If there are multiple parties involved, they can direct the SEM/EDS analysis together with us and share the data around the world instantly. We can collaborate on your microanalysis projects and analyze your samples online without having to be on-site.

At SGS – Melrose Park we have a state of the art SEM, a Hitachi SU3900 which is capable of high magnification images, secondary images in backscatter with the enhanced UVD detector, 3D modelling and image processing. The specimen chamber is one of the largest and can hold a 5” tall x 12” wide sample.

The in-chamber camera allows for an ease in analysis and navigation of one part or multiple samples during an evaluation.

The 3D modelling software allows measurements such as height between two points, volume, and simple surface roughness.

Contact us today to learn more about SEM Analysis and our SEM Anytime cloud sharing services.