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Tensile Testing

Aluminum Tensile Testing

Complying with your tightest turnaround requirements, SGS MSi Testing & Engineering meets unique aluminum tensile testing criteria for over 30 industries, including transportation, aerospace, manufacturing, nuclear, shipbuilding, medical and foundry. A fundamental mechanical testing procedure, tension testing determines how your aluminum sample responds to applied tension forces.

Recognized for our superior metallurgical expertise, SGS MSi performs tensile testing to ASTM B557 and other industry specifications. Aluminum strength testing is helpful for assessing sample characteristics, predicting reactions to force, and choosing aluminum/aluminum alloys to suit your unique application.

Aluminum Tensile Testing Capabilities

Enabling clients to maintain quality control and make educated material selections, SGS MSi offers manual and hydraulic aluminum tension testing that determines:

  • Ultimate tensile strength
  • Peak stressYield strength
  • Reduction of area
  • Elongation
  • Ductility

To inquire about the cost of aluminum strength testing, or to speak with an SGS MSi Testing professional about your mechanical analysis needs, call or email our metallurgical specialists today. Delivering the lost art of client-focused service, our engineers and chemists are proud to put over three decades of experience to work for you.