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Structural Weld Testing

Structural Weld Testing

A leader in weld testing and weld quality services, SGS MSi uses destructive procedures to assess the quality and performance of metal and alloy welds. Our state-of-the-art metallurgical lab can handle projects of any size, and our experienced team of engineers and technicians will walk you through your weld-testing project from start to finish.

When welding quality is not managed or welding does not meet industry expectations, your product and reputation are at risk. Preventing you from encountering costly delays due to sub-standard welding procedures, we conduct a thorough visual inspection and call upon a variety of structural weld testing methods to ensure quality.

Our services:

The following is a listing of specifications that are in accordance with our A2LA and ISO accreditation.

Our machine shop can extract specimens from all material forms (Plate, bar, castings and forgings).

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