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Weld Penetration

Weld Penetration Measurement Testing

A common weld defect, incomplete penetration creates crevices that impact a weld’s integrity and longevity. When corrosive substances seep into crevices, materials are prone to damage—and may lead to defects that impact safety and performance.

Weld Penetration Testing Laboratory

At SGS MSi we offer mechanical weld testing and certification to ensure weld quality of your metal or alloy sample. Our fully equipped laboratory can handle any weld coupon size, and our degreed engineers and trained technicians employ tight scheduling and attention to detail.

Many industry partners put their trust in our accredited laboratory for metallurgical analysis, including:

  • Manufacturing & construction
  • Foundry & steel
  • Nuclear & power generation
  • Food & beverage
  • Agriculture
  • Medical devices
  • Heavy equipment
  • Boiler & pressure vessels

To assess weld serviceability, our team of professionals provides a thorough visual inspection. Then, to locate cracks and channels that are not visible to the naked eye, we use weld penetration testing and other analyses to further evaluate the weld. After performing weld penetration testing, clients receive a detailed report with concise test results and quality recommendations.

Ready to schedule a weld penetration test or discuss your project with an SGS MSi professional? Call 708.343.3444 or contact us. A representative will be in touch promptly to answer your questions.