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Industries Served

Here are some industries that we serve.

Steel Manufacturing

SGS MSi has more than three decades of experience with materials used in steel manufacturing applications.

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Heavy Equipment

Our specialists and chemists are uniquely qualified to provide testing, analysis and certifications.

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Our highly trained and experienced team can assess specimens in accordance with railway/railroad and ASTM International standards.

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Better understand the performance capabilities of your forgings with assistance from SGS MSi.

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Heat Treatment

Heat treatment processes alter material physical and mechanical properties, which is why testing following the process is vital.

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Determining material properties help understand performance capabilities and establishes operating ranges for materials manufactured into fasteners.

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Understand the characteristics of the materials your medical devices are made of with reliable testing and engineering services from SGS MSi.

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Oil & Gas

Chemical, mechanical, and metallurgical testing confirms whether materials are fit for purpose and capable of executing over their expected lifespan.

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Manufacturing & Fabrication

An A2LA and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory, we are a trusted materials testing and engineering service provider for machine and fabrication shops of all sizes.

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Our highly trained team of metallurgists can analyze a wide array of materials for the nuclear industry.

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Additive Manufacturing

Ensure the materials used in your 3D printing are quality with reliable testing and engineering services from SGS MSi.

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Since materials play a decisive role in determining the safety, performance, and cost of a vehicle, proper selection is vital.

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