• Weld Analysis Cross Section

    Weld inspection at SGS MSi is lead by our CWI and metallurgical engineers. Examination of the weld’s integrity is essential to the manufacturing and engineering of materials. Here at SGS MSi we have developed a complete program to service the needs of our customers with welding procedure requirements.

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  • Pipe Corrosion Failure Investigation

    Pipe corrosion investigations are essential to the longevity of your systems. Our corrosion experts know that when a failure condition arises, you need answers. Our corrosion experts are here to provide you with those answers. For over 25 years we have been resolving simple and complex corrosion discontinuities.

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  • Sliver Under S.E.M. Magnification

    Seen here we identify the cause of a small sliver defect in a fork using our scanning electron microscope to evaluate the failure indications from the manufacturing process. Our microscopists examine these tiny microstructures and assists the engineering team in resolving the material conditions.

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  • Heat Treatment of Steel Samples

    Heat treatment of steel samples is an integral part of many testing processes. SGS MSi has the ability to handle a variety of sample sizes for your heat treatment needs. With capabilities to heat material to 2100°F, we can meet the requirements of most specifications and standards.

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  • Tensile Testing Specimens

    One of the most common questions we are asked is: “What size sample do you need?” SGS MSi has the capability to prepare tensile specimens within a wide range of sizes. Our machine shop has years of experience machining, training and preparing tensile specimens for testing.

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  • ICP Analysis

    Our daily commitment to servicing customers centers around our chemical analysis laboratory. Our team of chemists answer the question: “What is this material?”. ICP Analysis utilizes a wet chemistry method by dissolving the metal samples into a solution to provide you with the complete elemental composition of your sample.

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Metallurgical Testing Laboratory

SGS MSi testing is a full-service metallurgical testing laboratory specializing in failure analysis investigations. We have been providing materials testing services to the industry for over 25 years. All our tests are performed to required specifications, and carry A2LA and ISO 17025 accreditations. SGS MSi testing routine services include engineering consultation, chemical analysis, mechanical testing, metallographic examination and a full machine shop capable of CNC milling and cutting samples up to 25" in diameter.

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Failure Analysis

SGS MSi is one of the largest metallurgical laboratories providing Failure Analysis Investigations in the USA. We are the leader in creating “user friendly” metal failure analysis reports specifically tailored for each customer. Our team of eight metallurgical engineers works together with our technical staff to answer the questions you have regarding your materials.

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Metallurgical Services

Our full range of metallurgical services provides the capability to observe all microstructure and macrostructure details. These capabilities include: ASTM E45 micro-cleanliness, ASTM E112 grain size exams and ASTM E381 macro-examination. We employ the use of a Clemex Image Software system that provides superior field optics for photographic documentation of microstructure details.

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Chemical Analysis

SGS MSi has a complete metal chemical analysis laboratory that includes both optical emission spectrometry (OES) for solid samples, inductively coupled plasma (ICP) wet chemical testing for chips and shavings and all LECO gas analyses for Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon and Sulfur. Our Chemists have over 30 years’ experience performing chemical analysis of metal alloys.

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Mechanical Testing Services

Our clients have come to expect a mechanical testing lab that meets all their needs.  This has driven us to constantly add new test equipment and capabilities in order to be a “one stop shop” for our clients.  Capabilities include ASTM E8 Tensile Testing, ASTM E23 Charpy Impact Testing and ASTM E18 for Hardness Testing. Our customers come to SGS MSi for all of their required mechanical testing capabilities under one roof. 

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